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№ 000C: The Right Screw for Mounting Life-Safety Equipment

GRK cabinet screw

In building my kit of metric measuring and installation tools, I set about finding the right type of screw for mounting the life safety equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc.). And ran smack into the Invisible Metric Embargo, again. Situation: Most Screws in Your Toolbox are Wrong for This There is no ISO standard for wood screws, similar to ANSI/ASME… Read more »

№ 000B: The Metric Mulligan & The Metric Maven

Early on in my mulling over how to start this cooking blog, I decided to switch to the metric system. Not just a little bit, when it was easy, but completely metric, and 100% SI (the International System of units, the official name for the metric system since 1960). And using methods that are now known to be superior to… Read more »