Cooking & Kitchen Standards

So you think you know how to cook properly, eh?

Because one of your parents, or grandparents, or a second-degree relative taught you how?

Then think again, because I’ll bet they either weren’t an engineer-type, or were an engineer-type who refused to read or research what the published experts and authorities have to say on the subject. Most likely, this left you with a fear or dislike of cooking (especially of cleaning pots & pans afterwards) for the simple reason that their techniques were vague, hard to replicate, and produced food that wasn’t as tasty as your favorite restaurants could produce.

CFOG’s goal is to break that cycle by going back to the experts and first principles, and figure out the best modern ways to cook—how to do it reliably, safely, and more easily than how your momma taught you.

Those famous geek cooks (Alton, ATK, Kenji, Meathead) have done a bunch of the heavy lifting already, but there are so many more fundamental and interesting things they have not yet addressed. For example, as much as I admire and have learned from them, I’ve almost never seen a one of them talk about cooking or safety standards.

So that’s my job, now.