Metric Measuring Tools

Since we’re going 100% metric, you’re going to need a few new tools to install things in the kitchen:

  • A millimeter-only ruler, 300 mm long (Shinwa H-101C). This is the only well-designed metric-only ruler available in the United States. Remember, centimeters are evil!
  • A Shinwa taper guage, to determine the diameter of holes too small for a caliper.
  • A handful of Small, Clear Command Wire Hooks, to hang the ruler on a cabinet door without damaging the finish.
  • Fastcap True32 5 meter tape measure, to measure things longer or taller than 300 mm (such as the position of smoke alarm and fire extinguisher mounting brackets. Aside from this being the only millimeter-only tape measure available in the United States (centimeters are evil!), it has several cool features:
    • Special markings for the 32 mm system that IKEA uses to drill shelf-support holes in all of its furniture and kitchen cabinets.
    • A blank writing surface so you can pencil in measurements, and then wipe them off with your thumb.
    • A built-in pencil sharpener
    • A belt clip that can be levered open with the touch of your thumb, to make it easier to clip it onto your belt
  • FastCap Speed Clip, a holster designed to mesh with that awesome clip, and it has a pencil holder/sharpener, so you don’t have to hold a pen or pencil in your mouth. Personally, I find the holster a bit bulky for the belt, but it features two holes in the belt clip conveniently labeled “bench mount”. So take a couple of screws, and mount it next to your Shinwa ruler and angle guage.
  • An OMGAI 0-25 mm micrometer, so that you can measure the thickness of pots & pans, and measure screw diameters to figure out what size drill bit to use.
  • A4 printer paper. Trust me, you’ll love this, and curse everytime you have to work with non-metric paper in the future.